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Old Age Security Identification Card in Manitoba

You can get you Old age security card when you start receiving your Old age Security pension. Along with the direct deposit system, the card is used when they cash their pension cheque at their bank. You can also utilize this card when you visit any store, restaurant or use public transport as a proof of age so that you can receive senior citizen discount. This card contains no personal information.

In case, if you want to have a card without your Social Insurance number on it or you lose it, you can get it just by contacting them and providing them information about your full name, social insurance number and your mailing address.

Contact at:

Toll free in Canada and the United States:

For service in English: 1 800 277-9914

For service in French: 1 800 277-9915

TTY: 1 800 255-4786

From other countries: 1 613 990-2244

Write to them

If you are sending your request by mail, please send it to the nearest Service Canada Regional Office.

If you are writing from outside Canada, your letter should be sent to the Service Canada Regional Office in the province where you last resided.

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